Board director


Yannick OUTREMAN, Professeur
Agrocampus Ouest
Adresse : 65, rue de Saint-Brieuc CS 84215, 35042 Rennes Cedex
Mail : yannick [dot] outremanatagrocampus-ouest [dot] fr


Deputy directors

Directeur Adjoint Site d’Angers
Alain VIAN, Professeur
Université d’Angers
Mail : alain [dot] vianatuniv-angers [dot] fr

Directeur Adjoint Site de Brest
Emmanuel COTON, Professeur
Université de Bretagne Occidentale
Mail : emmanuel [dot] cotonatuniv-brest [dot] fr

Directeur Adjoint Site de Nantes
Hervé PREVOST, Professeur
Oniris Nantes
Mail : herve [dot] prevostatoniris-nantes [dot] fr

Directrice Adjointe Site de Rennes
Annick CHAUVIN, Professeure
Université Rennes 1
Mail : annick [dot] chauvinatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr


La gestionnaire de direction de l'école doctorale

mail : ed-egaalatu-bretagneloire [dot] fr


The EGAAL Doctoral School Bureau

The EGAAL Doctoral School Bureau comprises the Doctoral School Director, the Assistant Directors and the presidents of the three specialized committees. The bureau meets 8 to 10 times yearly and implements the school’s doctoral training policies. To this end, it prepares the Doctoral School Councils and subsequently implements the latter’s decisions. 

The EGAAL Doctoral School Council

The EGAAL Doctoral School Council comprises 26 members, in accordance with the equilibriums established by the Order of 25 May 2016 (concerning doctoral school training) and respecting male/female parity. The council is made up of: 

  • 14 representatives of accredited institutions and research units. 
  • 2 representatives of the engineering, administrative or technical staff.
  • 5 elected PhD students registered at the EGAAL Doctoral School. In this manner, the elected doctoral students are involved in the school’s decision-making process, can defend their fellow students’ interests and act as a link between the directorate and the student body.
  • 5 members from outside the EGAAL doctoral school, chosen from among qualified French or foreign figures active within the same scientific fields and socio-economic and industrial sectors as the doctoral school. Council members from outside the school are proposed by the representative and elected members of the Doctoral School Council to the UBL Doctorate School. 

The council’s representative members (excluding the PhD students) are designated by their particular institution, in accordance with their own internal rules and procedures. The PhD students and their replacements are elected by the EGAAL doctoral students registered at their site. Members serve mandates of the same duration as that of the Five-Year Research Contract, excepting PhD student representatives who serve for as long as they remain doctoral students. 
The EGAAL Doctoral School Council adopts the school’s action programme. It discusses and manages all doctoral school affairs. 
Here, you will find the composition of the EGAAL Doctoral School Council.

The EGAAL Doctoral School’s specialized committees

For each major function of the EGAAL Doctoral School, a specialized committee (of suitable composition) reflects upon and elaborates relevant proposals. Three such specialized committees exist: 

Thesis Committee

Made up of scientists and PhD students, this commission is responsible for: 

  • Validating thesis projects proposed to the doctoral school (respecting the established funding and supervision conditions).
  • Defining the thesis application procedures (dossier composition).
  • Validating applications according to the established eligibility rules.
  • Organizing recruitments (auditions, interviews, etc.).
  • Helping scientists locate thesis funding (publishing calls for offers, helping to prepare dossiers, etc.).
  • Analysing the Individual Monitoring Committee reports.
  • Examining the caesura request dossiers.
  • Transmitting to the Doctoral School Bureau the dossier of PhD students in difficulty.
  • Examining the dossiers of PhD students who have scheduled their thesis defence but have not respected the defence authorization conditions. 
Composition of the Thesis Committee - (346.97 KB)

Training Committee

Comprising representatives of diverse domains (scientists, PhD students, research unit directors, course supervisors, continuous training administrators, etc.), the Training

Committee is responsible for: 

  • Producing the doctoral school’s catalogue of disciplinary (field-specific) courses.
  • Establishing the equivalency table for converting training activities/work into hours of training.
  • Establishing the procedures for evaluating the training courses taken by PhD students and analysing these evaluations.
  • Amending the doctoral school’s catalogue of disciplinary courses, as well as the catalogue of cross-disciplinary courses offered by the Site Doctoral Centres and the UBL Doctorate School.
  • Communicating off-site training courses targeting doctoral students. 
Composition of the Training Committee - (346.52 KB)

Professionalization and Internationalization Committee

Comprising representatives of diverse domains (scientists, PhD students, research unit directors, course supervisors, the institutions’ professional integration officers, international relations officers, professionals from the private and public sectors, etc.), the Professionalization and Internationalization Committee promotes professions and trades linked to training for/by research, by strengthening the links with doctoral school alumni, associations and companies; it also promotes the doctoral school abroad and within the economic fabric, in collaboration with the UBL Doctorate School and the Site Doctoral Colleges. In addition, this committee analyses requests for co-supervised theses, part-time theses and doctoral equivalencies, prior to their submission to the EGAAL Doctoral School Council. 

Composition of the Professionalization and Internationalization Committee - (347.26 KB)

These committees are formed by a call for volunteers within each of the categories listed for each committee.