Complete information on the training provided by the EGAAL Doctoral School can be found in the “Guide to training at the EGAAL Doctoral School: training offers, rules and procedures”. This guide must be carefully read by all EGAAL PhD students. 

Individual training programmes

According to Article 12 of the Order of 25 May 2016, a doctoral training agreement must be drawn up for each PhD student. Attached as an appendix to the doctoral charter, this agreement – signed by the PhD student, his/her thesis supervisors and the research unit directorate – must be established during the first few months of the thesis work and must notably specify the student’s individual doctoral training programme, in connection with his/her professional project. Drawn up in close collaboration between the doctoral student and his/her thesis supervisors, this training programme must take into account the student’s needs with regard to complementary, field-specific and cross-disciplinary training courses required for both a successful thesis and a successful professional project. This programme can be revised upon each reregistration, notably with regard to disciplinary and complementary courses, so as to improve the coherency between the student’s training and his/her professional project. Such revisions must correspond to a real and carefully considered evolution of the PhD student’s project and must be formally approved by the student’s thesis supervisors. 

EGAAL doctoral school training

The EGAAL Doctoral School allows students to validate two types of doctoral training: 

- “Catalogue Courses”
Depending on their academic path, thesis programme and professional project, PhD students choose field-specific training courses from the EGAAL course catalogue and cross-disciplinary courses from the UBL catalogue, with the latter comprising courses provided by both the UBL Doctorate School and the Site Doctoral Centres. These courses are called “Catalogue Courses”. The catalogue of the doctoral school’s disciplinary courses is detailed below and the catalogue of UBL cross-disciplinary courses is downloadable here. 

- “Non-Catalogue Trainings”
The EGAAL Doctoral School and UBL training course catalogues are non-restrictive. EGAAL doctoral students are allowed to pursue outside training courses or activities, known as “Non-Catalogue Trainings”. These outside courses/activities concern: 

  • Disciplinary or cross-disciplinary courses, either in-class or on-line (e.g. MOOCs), provided by higher education institutions, research bodies, private entities, scientific networks, etc. 
  • Activities pursued during the thesis, such as participating in a scientific gathering, organizing/coordinating a scientific event, participating in a doctoral-student event, carrying out a scientific stay or a teaching assignment, etc. 

These two types of training (“Catalogue Courses” and “Non-Catalogue Trainings”) are validated in hours and PhD students must validate at least 100 hours of training during the first 36 months of their thesis work. The doctoral school allows its students to mix cross-disciplinary and disciplinary training courses/activities within a range of 40-60%. Finally, EGAAL doctoral students must participate in the EGAAL “Science Days” and take a course on “Scientific Ethics and Integrity”. The latter can be the ethics course offered by UBL or that of another institution.
The total training volume (100 hours minimum) and the mixing of disciplinary/cross-disciplinary trainings (60%-40%) can be revised according to the specificities of the student's thesis, academic programme or professional project. The PhD student must submit a “doctoral training dispensation request” to the EGAAL Doctoral School, signed by his/her Thesis Supervisor. 
The rules governing the validation of training courses/activities, the indicative equivalency table (hours of training), and special/derogatory cases are all described in the various sections of the “Guide to training at the EGAAL Doctoral School: training offers, rules and procedures”.