Funding conditions

PhD student remuneration conditions during the thesis

  • The thesis supervisors, the research unit director and the EGAAL directorate ensure that each doctoral student benefits from full, 100% funding for carrying out his/her thesis. For full-time theses, priority must be accorded funding in the form of fixed-duration work contracts lasting at least 3 years. 
  • Regardless of the applicants’ nationality, theses cannot be funded by the PhD students’ personal finances. 
  • For incoming international mobilities, notably jointly supervised theses, the minimum funding threshold shall apply for the duration of the stay in France. 
  • For extended-duration theses, the thesis supervisors and the research unit directorate commit to searching for funding (respecting the same minimum threshold) for at least up until the date of the thesis paper's submission to the registration institution. 
  • A salaried activity can be compatible with research work carried out within the framework of further/continuing education. However, the doctoral school must ensure that this activity allows sufficient time for the student to complete his/her part-time thesis. 

Minimum thesis funding amount

The minimum pre-tax monthly amount of required funding for registering doctoral students is the French minimum wage (SMIC). 

Sources of thesis funding

Sources of funding located by the thesis project sponsor

  • Territorial authorities: The administrative regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire.
  • CIFRE: Association of three partners (PhD student, company, research unit).
  • Private partnership: Industrial group, foundation, association, etc. 
  • Leading research bodies: CNRS, INRA, INSERM, INRIA, IRSTEA, etc. 
  • Calls for projects: ANR, H2020, PIA, Labex, Isite, EUR, ADEME, etc. 
  • Grants: notably funds allocated to PhD students by foreign governments.

For these thesis projects, PhD students are recruited via the “Interview” procedure, except for special cases (click here for information on recruitment procedures).

Sources of funding entrusted to the doctoral school

Institutional Doctoral Contracts (CDEs): doctoral contracts serve as scientific policy tools in the hands of France’s higher education institutions (both universities and grandes écoles), overseeing both their number and scientific focus. 
For thesis projects benefitting from CDE funding, PhD students are recruited via the “Competitive Exam” procedure (click here for information on recruitment procedures).